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Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home

Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home is located on the grounds of Fairfax Memorial Park, a 128-acre nonsectarian cemetery, originally known as Calvary Memorial Park.


The cemetery was established in 1957 by Cornelius H. Doherty (1896-1969). Cornelius H. Doherty, Jr. served as President from 1967 to 2010. His son, Michael H. Doherty has served as President since 2010. All three were/are practicing attorneys, and have been instrumental in the establishment of Virginia laws regulating cemeteries.

It was the family's dream to have a funeral home on the property, and the 6 acre parcel on Braddock Road where it now stands had been set aside for that purpose. Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home opened August 15, 2003. Now, virtually all of a family's needs in connection with a funeral can be served from one location with the cemetery, online flower shop, funeral home and crematory.

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