Why should I consider Pre-Planning?

What better way to help your family deal with loss, than to pre-plan your final arrangements? Decisions made now will allow for thoughtful time to consider the many options available to you.

You can choose the site/s and have family members included in decisions best made when you are not under emotional stress. Additionally, pre-planned sites are discounted. Pre-planning enables you to further reduce the financial burdens of those left behind.

How do I select a cemetery?

Your choice of a cemetery is important. There are several considerations that should be made in this decision. Drive through several cemeteries in your area and observe how well the grounds are maintained. Drop by the office and meet with the staff. Are they friendly and helpful? Ask for a price list and compare pricing.

What choices do I have for burial sites?

Of course, we offer the traditional in-ground burial sites. Personal Family Estates are very popular choices providing an exclusive hedge-partitioned area for your loved ones. Above-ground options include mausoleum crypts, personal family crypts and columbarium niches.

What does Perpetual Care mean?

Ten percent of the price for all site purchases is placed in a perpetual care trust. This trust is required by law to ensure there will always be funds available for cemetery maintenance. This should give comfort to those who have entrusted the care of their loved ones with us.